2015 dodge ball tournament comes to a close


BEAT TO THE BALL: Members of the team Don’t Worry About It sprinted to the center of the court to grab a dodge ball, and scared away the opposing team in the process.

The dodge ball teams Don’t Worry About  It and the all freshman team Young Savys strutted into the gym looking both confident and nervous for the final match of the dodge ball tournament on Friday November 20th. Both of the teams were victorious in all of their preceding games. As Mrs. Martinez yelled start both teams sprinted from opposite ends of the court trying to snatch a colorful ball that would soon be whipping through the air attempting to strike their opponents. Sweat dripped down their faces as they jumped and contorted their bodies to dodge the balls. The upperclassmen team Don’t Worry About It had to fight for a victory in the first round, but the second game was a victory for the Young Savys. The final match was short lived as Don’t Worry About It annihilated the freshman team in less than three minutes making them the dodge ball champions.

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