Anatomy and Physiology and Marine Biology teacher Jon-Paul Ewing

Anatomy and Physiology, and Marine Biology teacher Jon-Paul Ewing

Teacher Jon-Paul Ewing receives state recognition for teaching

Anatomy and Physiology and Marine Biology teacher Jon-Paul Ewing patrols around his fourth period Anatomy classroom, observing the sketches of transmembrane proteins his students have sketched to their best ability on memorization. His approach to create metaphors of a glycoprotein, or little cactus dude, as he would put it, is just a glimpse into his ability to connect with his students and reach the ‘Ah-Ha!’ moment of a learned concept.

Ewing was nominated last spring by principal Randy Nelson to submit a live class video of a 45 minute lesson. He entered the lesson to The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching along with thousands of other teachers. Ewing was selected as one of the top five finalists, and if he advances to represent California as the top science teacher of the state, he will travel to D.C., meet the president and receive an award of $10,000 in approximately one year.

“I gladly put in the letter of recommendation for him, and I’m not surprised that everyone who has had a chance to see the type of teacher he is recognizes that this is a very deserving award” said principal Randy Nelson, who expressed pride in Ewing’s remarkable teaching.
Ewing recieved a Finalist Award from the California Science Education Conference the weekend of Oct. 2 from the Sheraton in Sacramento with knowledge that he was one of the top five finalists. While attending the luncheon, Ewing explained that he felt friendly vibes, as well as tremendous support from fellow Paso teachers in the district.

“I think my most successful method of teaching is making science fun and connecting with the students. I enjoy laughing every day either at or with my students,” Ewing said. His teaching has humor and the topics he presents to his students are unique.

“I have Ewing for two of my classes, and I’m almost positive that if any other teacher taught them I would be incredibly bored,” senior Taylan Perez said. She also claimed that Ewing’s best method of teaching is the use of funny metaphors that clarify concepts.

Ewing’s best memories include helping students push through with a topic they may struggle with and forming a personal relationship with them. Ewing concluded that overall, the students of PRHS are his main priority.


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