On Tuesday October 20th the lady Bearcats battled with St. Joseph on the volleyball court. The first game went to 27-29 in favor of St. Jo but the Bearcats powered back the second game 25-22. Momentum seemed to be fluctuating between the teams and St. Jo fought back again the third set 21-25. With determination and fight in their hearts, the  Bearcats fought the lasts two games with scores of 25-19 and 15-10. The match was a nail biter for the Bearcat parents that attended and the girls on both teams knew just how to keep a volleyball game intense and interesting.

As Hannah Katches walked on the wooden court she was pumped and ready to fight with her sling-shot hits that smacked the ground on the opponents back row defense. She led the team with a of number of 14 kills and her confident attitude that night on the court.

Sydnie Esser was also a major contribution that night for her hitters with 38 assists that simply landed into the palms of the front row attackers hands. Blockers Maddi Mitchell and Kalyn Armstrong sealed the net with a total of 10 blocks-shutting down and creating a roof against St. Joseph’s attackers.


Kalyn Armstrong: 10 kills, 6 blocks

Tegan Curren: 13 kills, 3 aces

Kiara Gable: 12 kills

Hannah Katches: 14 kills

Riley Austin: 13 digs

Maddi Mitchell: 4 blocks

Chloe Kearns: 10 digs

Sydnie Esser: 3 aces, 5 kills, 38 assists


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