Varsity softball girls end 4th in league

Soft jeers ring in her ear. It’s #18’s turn up to bat. “Right here,” a left fielder says,”right here.” Jasmine Smiley balances between her left foot ,at the front of her, and her right foot placed behind her. Arroyo Grande’s pitcher pitches a quick pass that seems like a clear miss but Smiley comes through. The softball shooting right towards first base and right through her opponents hands. Smiley, oblivious to her surroundings, runs her way to first base with cheers from spectators and teammates chasing behind her.

The PRHS Bearcat Varsity softball team ended 3rd in league at 7-5 and 13-9 overall in the 2014-2015 season.

The team is 290 in state and 36 in Southern section division 2 ranking out of 57 teams. The team consists of only 6 upperclassmen and 8 underclassmen. These Bearcats have managed to be one of the top teams in PAC 8 and at one point was first in league. They finished 4th in league right below the Atascadero Greyhounds, at 3rd, Arroyo Grande Eagles, at 2nd, and under Righetti, still at first.

“It’s been a ride,” Freshman Crystal Linn said after the game against Arroyo Grande.

During the first round PRHS towered at the top of league and the team seemed to posses chemistry according to Linn. The coaches started off with optimism and helped keep it up among the players but things took a shift after the second round.

“Second round started with a rough loss, 9-2, against Atascadero and everything has spiraled after that,” Linn said.

After loss to the Atascadero Greyhound, a defeat to San Luis Obispo Tigers came followed by a win to St. Joseph and loss to Arroyo Grande.

“We just need our fire back from our players and coaches,” Linn said in a discouraged tone of voice.

The coaches nor the players shared the same enthusiasm the season kicked off to.

Communication seemed to be lost according to second year sophomore Varsity player, Aryanna Garcia.

“Communication is a big thing in softball and I feel if we would’ve communicated a little better, we would’ve done better,” said Garcia.

But other members like freshman Hunter Young don’t believe the team could have done any better.

“We’ve always given 110 percent all the time and never given up. The team is filled with girls that are talented and dedicated and we go out there and give it our best efforts every day,” Young said.

Young does admit, though, that they could improve on little things all around like little quirks although their offense and defense stands strong.

No matter the losses and wins the team is a family, and to Garcia, different from any she’s played with.

“Our team this year was definitely a unique one. We have many different personalities on our team, but they all work together. We get along like a family,” said Garcia on her second season on Bearcat Varsity. “At the end of the day we all love each other. This was honestly one of the funnest and most interesting seasons I’ve had in a long time.”

The season came to a quick close but if everyone is as enthusiastic as Garcia and Young to grow as a team, next season could get them up in league.


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