The first annual Poetry Slam is put on by writing club

As the house lights dimmed in the Performing Arts Center during Tutorial on May 28, students crowded into the seats craned to see the lone figure standing in the spotlight on the stage. The microphone crackled for a second, and the first contestant, freshman Mason Seden Hansen, recited his poem that won third place, “The Rose”. Hanson was followed by seven other contestants, all vying for the top three spots in the first annual Poetry Slam arranged by the writing club, Bearcat Muse. Students who received Honorable Mentions were sophomore Savannah Russell with “Indigo”, senior Zac with “Plume de Sang”, senior Leah Ballestero Nason with “The Darkness Within My Heart”, sophomore Celeste Richkarday with “Life”, and junior Mercedes DeLaRoca with “The Lovely Flower.” Third place was awarded to Mason Seeden-Hanson with “The Rose”, second place went to junior Spencer Firkins with “The Burning”, and first place was senior Cliston Mott with “Level the Lands Depression”. Students who did not compete but recited poetry were freshman Angelina Valencia and senior William Carney with untitled poems, and sophomore Josh Klee with “Her”.

Clisten 1st Place Winner

Spencer Firkins 2nd Place Winner:

Smug Mug:

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