Her pen scribbles furiously as she quickly jots down her schedule for the day. A rainbow of ink splatters the pages, cover to cover. But even with a jam-packed schedule, filled with various events that range from lunch with the superintendent to selling donuts for leadership, senior Amy Cantrell struts through the hallway with confidence, a smile on her face, and her white hair bow perfectly in place. 

Cantrell has maintained a 3.98 GPA over her four years at PRHS, but her academic success is not only derived from her parents, who have a background in teaching, but has found her success through her own actions.

“I’m motivated by my own success…We talked about B.F. Skinner, in my dad’s class, and how he believed that we are conditioned to behave by reactions we get. In this case, I believe that to be true, because when I accomplish something, I like the feeling of satisfaction and pride I get, and that motivates me to keep going so I can keep up that feeling of success,” said Cantrell, who is currently ASB President and Copy Editor/ Blind Date Co-Editor of Crimson Newsmagazine.

Cantrell’s teachers and peers also see her success as a special and valued trait.

“Amy is very determined to get things done, whether that be a giant homework assignment or a batch of brownies with peanut butter. She really keeps me on track and inspires me to accomplish my goals as well as have fun on the way,” said junior Cooper Young, who has been Cantrell’s boyfriend for eight months.

“She has a lot of things she has to juggle, so she goes into her room and puts on her game face and gets down to work, while simultaneously binge-watching Netflix”, said Aaron Cantrell, who is also Amy’s AP Literature teacher.

Throughout high school, Cantrell has been enrolled in two Honors courses, seven AP courses and three Cuesta College classes, been a part of eight different clubs, participated in the making of the school newsmagazine, taken the role of Junior and Senior Class President, and has also taken part of the Leadership program for three years. The qualities that describe a super senior, however, require more than just good grades and participation. The position requires the heart of a simply amazing person.

Although school work and the occasional binge of Gilmore Girls on Netflix is an important aspect in Cantrell’s life, when her school hat comes off, her friendly personality not only projects the glowing light of a loving person, but also makes her friends and family feel at home.

“From the very second that I laid eyes on her, she has been the joy of my life. She’s beautiful, hardworking, and makes friends easily. When she was two years old, she would be the girl to stick her hand out to a total stranger and say ‘Hi, I’m Amy!’; we had to talk to her about stranger danger,” Mr. Cantrell said.

“Amy is the type of friend that will be there for you through thick and thin. It could be two in the morning and if something happened I know I could call her in a heartbeat. She is the person I tell everything to…Every day I am thankful for her and she has taught me how special a true friend is…She is truly a lifelong friend,” said senior Aly Kilcrease, Cantrell’s best friend since 2003.

Though Cantrell may see herself as an average teenage girl, her peers and close friends see her as an inspiration.

Young feels that Cantrell is not only a great student but also a strong individual. “She is not only all books and grades but is also the ASB President and the Copy Editor for Crimson, and does these hard jobs without forgetting to be kind to her friends and boyfriend…She also acts as the angel on my shoulder to help me deal with certain events in my life. Amy Cantrell is extremely admirable in that you could never find such a well rounded girl who excels in basically everything she does because of the work she puts into it,” Young said.

Next fall, Cantrell plans on attending Cal Poly, where she’ll be studying Business Administration with a concentration in marketing, in hopes to become a marketing manager. Although she’ll be missed by her friends and family, while she moves on to bigger and better life goals, Cantrell has certainly fulfilled her dream of positively touching the lives of those that she has met over her high school career.

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