Junior plans a Blind Date set-up to ask fellow junior to Prom

When prom comes up it can spark many thoughts in one’s mind: there is the charm of attending the dance, the excitement of being asked, asker’s relief of getting a yes and also the pressure to make everything perfect. This month’s Blind Date combines the romantic surprise of an arranged date with the doubly romantic cleverness that’s been popping up around campus this month and the last: Promposals. Junior Jeffrey Snowbarger worked with Blind Date behind-the-scenes in planning the date to be the ultimate promposal.

On the evening of March 22, Snowbarger and junior Makenna Pugh got their chance to experience the special moment of a promposal.
There were many obstacles Snowbarger had to face in order to make this Promposal go smoothly while still keeping her clueless. He had to find a creative way to ask her that wouldn’t take too long to set up, he had to find something that fit in with the activity of blind date, and he had to bring out his acting skills during the blind date. He couldn’t let her know that he was never blind. The first meeting was crucial, for he had to act surprised that it was her, even though he knew all along who was going to walk through the doors.
Snowbarger knew beforehand that Pugh was a fan of Harry Potter, so he was sure that he wanted to incorporate that in his Promposal.
Snowbarger anxiously awaited Pugh’s arrival as he waited at the house making sure everything was perfect. He set the table, checked to make sure all ingredients were there and hid the flowers that he would later give to her. Though nervous, Pugh was excited to see who was behind the front door. Their faces broke into smiles as the two daters saw each other face-to-face. Snowbarger had to pretend that he didn’t know who the other person was in order for his Promposal to be a true surprise.
As they made homemade dough to make sugar cookies, the two shared laughs and filled the kitchen with sweet smells and bright smiles. The kitchen was filled with the sounds of the metal whisk clanking the bowl, eggs cracking, oven beeping, and Snowbarger’s bold singing. He playfully invited Pugh to sing along to the Pandora music but, she bashfully declined.
Once all the cookies were baked, cooled, and ready to be decorated, Pugh was taken outside to be a part of the mid-date interview while Snowbarger was frantically setting up his perfect Promposal. Snowbarger thoughtfully decorated the cookies in Harry Potter fashion, including a scar, Harry Potter logo and Deathly Hallows symbol accenting the “P-R-O-M-?” spelled out in blue icing, Pugh’s favorite color.
Once all the preparations were made, Snowbarger anxiously awaited Pugh’s return in the kitchen with the cookies.
After Pugh returned, Snowbarger extended an invitation to come into the kitchen to view the display he had set up for her unknowingly. Pugh accepted Snowbarger’s promposal, as well as a fresh bouquet of canary-yellow daffodils. Both daters ended the evening with cheerful grins and went home with relief that they have found a date to Prom.
But in the drama that makes up high school and life, Snowbarger’s best laid plans went astray within a few days, at least for the time being.
Pugh was saddened to discover that Prom on April 25 conflicted with her special invitation to travel to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards event in Ojai, California the same weekend. Since RYLA is a huge honor to be selected to attend, she couldn’t pass up the opportunit

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