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Hope: The theme of novels, the moral of fables, the triumph over evil. Hope can illuminate a dark situation, and can help people accomplish great feats or overcome great obstacles. Hope is a powerful emotion, but is it stronger than fear?
Junior Victoria Pfeiffer experienced first-hand the importance of hope during her troubled childhood where she endured both emotional and physical abuse in a former home. Below Pfeiffer provides insight into what this four letter word means to her, and what role it has played in her life.Hope Logo Mauve all

Q: Has having hope ever gotten you through a struggle?
A: A few years of my childhood were the scariest times of my life, I was faced with things I didn’t understand… During those years I felt no hope whatsoever. I was an elementary school student and things changed so suddenly for me; everything became so negative. But as I grew older I found my way out and now I’ve found happiness in life and happiness in myself despite my past. I’ve learned to love the world and learned to love myself. I look back on my past and feel beyond proud of myself. I found hope and I worked hard and fought for my personal happiness. Being hopeful has led me to where I am today and I love where I’m at today. There definitely was a time in my life where I’ve hit rock bottom and the interesting thing about being at rock bottom is the only place you can go from there is upwards.

Q: What is hope?
A: Hope is expecting the positive. Some individuals have much more hope in their heart than others but it’s there for everyone, even if you feel completely hopeless.

Q: Is hope stronger than fear?
A: I believe that hope is definitely stronger than fear, based on personal experience. Fear is strong and can be dangerous. There are situations that are beyond scary and hope will always be there and will almost always outshine the horror of this world, as long as you hold onto it.

Q: Is there a difference between being hopeful and being naive? Is there a line where it makes you lose sight of reality?
A: There is a passing point within hopefulness where you reach being naive. If you are overly hopeful and expect only the best to come at you and you don’t work towards the good whatsoever, reality is going to end up hitting you hard and catching you off guard.

Q: Is it possible to fix a problem without hope?
A: I don’t believe it’s possible to fix a problem without hope. Hope is what motivates us and drives us forward, without hopefulness we wouldn’t be able to work towards fixing any problems, no matter how small.

Q: Is there anything else you’d like to add or address that wasn’t mentioned in the questions above?
A: Anyone who feels a lack of hope, anyone who is struggling with anything, you’re all beautiful and unique human beings who deserve the best. This too shall pass and things will look up again.

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