With the prospect of love to warm their hearts on a cold December day, seniors Lauren Reed and Jonathan Baldwin met on Dec. 19 at 11 a.m. to have an enchanting afternoon on the ice.


Reed and Baldwin prepare for the ice-rink.

Although apprehensive at first—and sharing horror stories of bad ice skating history—the daters were filled with excitement to give it another try. On the way down Hwy 101 to Atascadero, conversation was quickly struck up on the topics of their families’ holiday traditions and plans for break. Between the conversations, playful jests were exchanged about each other’s sports. The varsity football captain and girls varsity water polo captain didn’t hold the jokes back.

After arriving early for the skating session, the two leisurely walked through Atascadero’s City Park and downtown area while talking about their college plans. Baldwin has committed to Northern Arizona University and Reed has applied to Pepperdine, Biola, and UC San Diego, among other schools.


Before entering the rink, Reed warned Baldwin about her lack of skating skills, which proved to be true the moment her blades touched the ice. [blockquote author=”Lauren Reed, 12″ ]

I think I am going to Alaska next year to Olympic ice skate.

[/blockquote] “I think I am going to Alaska next year to Olympic ice skate,”Reed said jokingly. She struggled to keep her balance, allowing Baldwin to gallantly help her up many times. Baldwin finally took a tumble, which gave Reed a chance to celebrate that she was no longer the only one to fall.


Baldwin shows off his Hawaiian style burger at Sylvester’s.

After working up an appetite, the two took off their skates and walked across the street to Sylvester’s for a late lunch. Reed ordered a tasty mushroom dish and Baldwin ordered a Hawaiian style burger.

Unfortunately, the date had to be cut short due to Baldwin’s basketball practice, but this didn’t stop the daters from sharing quite a few falls and memories– great ways to glide into winter break and end a warm, hilarious blind date.

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